Improving the health of people in the UK with Vitamin D

Does Vitamin D protect against Melanoma ?

In his book Athlete’s Edge, Dr John Cannell of  describes how his daughter has fair skin and used to burn easily.  He suggested that she took 10,000 IU of Vitamin D3 a day for a month before she went into the sun, and she then found that she was not as sensitive to the sun as she used to be.

You can buy 25 micrograms ( 1,000 IU ) of Vitamin D3 over-the-counter from a chemist or supermarket.

You can buy anything from 1,000 IU to 50,000 IU from most Health Stores or online from eBay, Amazon or other specialist supplier of Vitamins and supplements.

You can take tablets, capsules, sprays or drops.

The other alternative is to expose your body, without sunscreen, to direct sunlight

– but only when your shadow is shorter than your height.

This is only possible in the UK between April and September between about 10:00am and 4:00pm.  Do not burn your body and cover up if your body begins to become pink.  A white skinned person will receive 20,000 IU within 15 minutes, but an Asian person might need 30-60 minutes and an African person might need 1-2 hours in the direct sun.

Check out: or:,+Jan+2013

You can read in 50+ languages

Find the yellow SEARCH box and see what is returned for: “Melanoma” or “Skin Cancer”

One of the premier UK researchers about Melanoma is Professor Julia Newton-Bishop.  A search for “Newton-Bishop” gave 32 results

Which type of Vitamin D should I take and where can I buy it ?

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One Response

  1. People might also be interested in this piece of oft forgotten information.

    Basically if people want to get their Vit D levels up, then dont shower for a few days after sunbathing, just wash pits, groin and feet like some would have been taught when doing military service. The reason for not showering after sunbathing is that a study (see below) showed water washes off the irradiated skin oil which contains pre-vitamin D. This means todays habit of daily showering is not as healthy for us as first previously thought.

    Its also worth pointing out the skin (largest organ) also produces high levels of serotonin when exposed to regular UV-A and UV-A also helps reduce transdermal (under the skin) retinol (Vit A) which is useful considering Vit A has a half life of around 8-9 months and thus very easy to over dose on which often leads to flu like symptoms over the winter months!

    The 1937 study showed human skin oil irradiated in UVB became pre-vitamin D much like the lanolin based supplements we take today. It also appears to be contrary to Holick, et al’s 1980 which claims to show the Vit D is produced in the skin rather than on top.

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