Improving the health of people in the UK with Vitamin D

Can we boost our natural immunity ?

Our medical experts have offered us 2 ways to avoid the Coronavirus

1. Keep your distance ( Social Distancing )
2. Physical barriers ( Masks & visors etc )

Could there be a 3rd way ?

In order to return to normal life, I think that we will all have to find ways to boost our natural immunity against infection.

COVID-19 is a more virulent, and a very much more infectious, version of the influenza that occurs world-wide every year towards the end of the winter
– previous examples of which are SARS, MERS and Swine Flu.

A vaccine is NEVER going to prevent the next strain of Influenza, since vaccines take many months to develop, and we are always chasing ways to stop the last pandemic – not the next one
Vaccines may work for established illnesses like Polio, Measles, Mumps etc, but are probably useless for a novel virus

We still don’t have vaccines for SARS and MERS  and Swine Flu !

Since most modern doctors do not understand anything which is not a licensed drug, I invite you to review this information below:

Dr Andrew Saul maintains that we should take much larger amounts of Vitamin C – when we are stressed or ill

He also reports how the Chinese and many USA hospitals are now using intravenous Vitamin C as first-line treatment for COVID-19.

Dr Cicero Coimbra, Dr William Grant, Henry Lahore and Dr David Grimes show strong evidence that high levels of Vitamin D boost our natural immunity against the annual Influenza – and COVID-19 –  and help to fight the cytokine storm

Dr Sarah Myhill suggests that we should inhale iodine vapour, since that coats our nasal passages and upper airways with an antiseptic that kills the virus when we breathe it in

Dr Paul Marik has a protocol involving Vitamin C, Vitamin B1 and steroids that have a synergistic effect in treating Sepsis, that also helps to treat Influenza and Pneumonia.

Dr Joseph Mercola has published “10-Tips to Beat Coronavirus” that add several foods, traditional herbal remedies and supplements, such as Elderberry, Spirulina, Beta Glucans, Glucosamine, Selenium, Alpha Lipoic Acid and Sulphoraphane, plus Zinc and the traditional herbal remedy Echinacia

Patrick Holford summarises many of these treatments in his excellent book:  FluFighters <-well worth reading

I am really not surprised that we are not going to hear much about these non-drug ways to build immunity, because most of the doctors in NICE in the UK do not understand them and the FDA in USA has banned anyone making claims for treatment or prevention using anything but licensed drugs.

Also Google and Facebook altered their search algorithms in June 2019 to block any claims that do not use licensed drugs, mostly as part of their war against Fake News but possibly to keep the advertising revenue from the drug companies.

Many of the general public do understand some of these natural methods of boosting our immunity, including how sunlight is the best disinfectant
– except that the dermatologists have taken over the lunatic asylum and told us to stay out of the sun !

It might save money and lives if the UK government gave everyone Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc
Until then:  Boots have 3 month’s supply of slow release Vitamin C + Zinc and high strength (75 μg) Vitamin D for £17.  If you buy in bulk to take advantage of their 3-for-2 you can get these for £12

Finally, we can end the lock-downs and all go back to work if our experts would simply tell our politicians to do a few simple things:

1. Wear masks in public and in workplaces. Wearing masks should be mandatory until the new infection numbers substantially drop, which would only require a maximum of 7-8 weeks.

2. Promote zinc, vitamin C and vitamin D to the population. Begin ramping up government funded manufacturing of zinc supplements to be given away for free to the entire population. Zinc is widely accepted to block the replication of viruses.

3. Remove barriers so that doctors across the country have access to IV vitamin C and hydroxychloroquine+zinc to treat serious and critical patients. This will save lives and reduce the time patients spend in hospitals, effectively clearing hospital beds to handle any future surge.

4. Maintain stay-at-home recommendations for those over the age of 65, or for people who have underlying comorbidity factors such as asthma or diabetes. But allow those under the age of 65 to resume normal life activities, subject to the three suggestions above.

5. To further stop the spread, ask all businesses to sanitize common surfaces twice each day, such as door handles, elevator buttons, light switches, meeting room chair armrests and so on. Similar sanitizing efforts should be made for all forms of public transportation where surfaces are shared and touched by many, such as hand rails.


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