Vitamin D “deficiency” in the UK

On Friday February 10, 2012 I went to a quarterly meeting of the UK Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition ( )

I was 1 of about 5 members of the public who sat in on their “private meeting, held in public”

Most of the meeting was about Iron & Iodine, with a 10-minute update from the Vitamin D sub-group

After the meeting had officially closed I was allowed to ask a question about Vitamin D, to which the answer was:  “See the latest message from the Chief Medical Officer”

I invite you to follow the labyrinthine links to the recent government messages about Vitamin D:

Note that the UK definition of “deficiency” is:  25(OH)D less than 25nmol/L ( = 10 ng/mL )

If 25% of the UK population is deficient at this level, I wonder what the percentage would be if the level were set at 50 nmol/L or even 75 nmol/L

The official advice from the government is unlikely to change until the SACN issue their next report in mid 2014

Until then I will keep holding the SACN to account and trying to influence doctors and the general public, whose timescales are much shorter


About Rufus Greenbaum

Private individual interested in Preventive Health and spreading information about the positive benefits of Vitamin D.
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1 Response to Vitamin D “deficiency” in the UK

  1. Gary Lipman says:

    Keep up the great work. They say that one man with conviction is worth one hundred without, but you are not alone. The momentum is growing each day as more studies reveal the detrimental health problems caused by inadequate Vitamin D levels. The cost to the NHS is huge as a result.

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