Depressed and SAD ?

January, February and March are the worst months in the UK for Depression

The stores of Vitamin D that we had built up from the previous summer are at their lowest
The “half-life” of Vitamin D in the body is 30-60 days, so our Vitamin D from the sun is now less than 10% of what is was at the end of last summer
You may have a little Vitamin D from your food, but it is very little

Seasonal Affective Disorder shows up progressively in a number of ways, finally leading to full Depression:

* Difficulty waking
* Decreased Energy
* Craving for Carbohydrates
* Increased Appetite
* Sleeping longer
* Weight gain
* Difficulty concentrating
* Decreased libido
* Withdrawal from family & friends
* Depression + Anxiety + Irritability

Do you recognise any of these and do they change throughout the year ?

The best solution is to find some sunshine or equivalent
Alternatives that seem to help are to take supplements to boost your Vitamin D and your Omega-3.

If you can take a short break in the sunshine, that is probably the best
Sunbathing on a long weekend in North Africa, or Tenerife or Cape Verde or the Middle East would be wonderful.
Try exposing most of your body for 15-30 minutes a day in the mid-day sun without sunscreen.
If you have fair skin you might sunbathe for a shorter time and if you have dark skin for longer
But – be very careful not to burn or let your skin start becoming pink

See a separate page which discusses how you may be able to improve your tolerance for the sun by taking Vitamin D capsules in advance

Alternatively, many people have found that a short treatment on a professional sun-bed works for them
Some people with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome find that a monthly sun-bed session makes a big difference

If you can eat more oily fish like Salmon at least twice a week it may help
Some people also suggest that Vitamin B12 helps

If you are taking drugs for depression then eating oily fish may help you to take lower doses ! Researchers in Holland found that people taking SSRI drugs for Depression responded better when they also eat oily fish

Instead of sunshine and food you might try Vitamin D capsules or high-strength Omega-3 Fish Oil
See other pages here for “How Much Do I Need ?” and how to test yourself

Read more at:


Which type of Vitamin D should I take and where can I buy it ?

Where can I buy Omega-3 Fish Oil and Vitamin B12 ?

What works for you ?
Let us have your comments


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Private individual interested in Preventive Health and spreading information about the positive benefits of Vitamin D.
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