Vitamin D – BIG news about Coronavirus

On September 24, 2020 I hosted a Zoom conference with 4 experts who presented important new information about Vitamin D and Coronavirus

They showed definitively that higher blood levels of Vitamin D
( a potent steroid pro-hormone – not just a Nutrient ) will help to:
• Reduce your risk of catching any coronavirus – by 50%
• Reduce the severity of the illness

You can watch the recording here:

Note the underscores /VitaminD_BIG_news

 0     BIG news – Introduction to Vitamin D in the UK
Rufus Greenbaum, Citizen Scientist, UK
Download presentation

 1     BIG numbers – Analysis of 190,000 tests
Professor Michael Holick, Boston University, USA


Download presentation  and MP3

2     BIG view – Overview of 15+ trials
Dr William Grant, SunArc, San Francisco, USA

Watch the video:

Download presentation and MP3

3     BIG data – Causal Inference from 240 locations
Dr Gareth Davies, Physicist, UK

Watch the Video:

Download presentation   Download MP3

4     BIG questions – Bradford Hill’s Criteria
Dr David Grimes, Gastroenterologist, UK

Watch the video:

Download presentation and MP3

5     BIG answers – Next steps ?
Rufus Greenbaum, Citizen Scientist, UK
Download presentation

0:00:00 Professor Michael Holick of Boston University describes a major report published on September 17th  that tested 190,000 patients for Vitamin D and Coronavirus

This shows that the risk for catching any coronavirus is reduced by half if your blood level of Vitamin D is at a high normal level and not deficient

0:22:30 Dr William Grant gives an overview of many other trials around the world

0:38:36 Dr Gareth Davies describes how his team used Artificial Intelligence and Causal Inference to analyse 1.6 million data points from 240 locations to give a definitive answer to 16 critical questions about Vitamin D and Coronavirus

0:50:56 Dr David Grimes shows how Bradford Hill’s criteria have been met

1:09:20 Rufus Greenbaum shows data about Vitamin D Deficiency in the UK and how it changes during the year. He then outlines some Key Facts, Health Outcomes and Next Steps required in the UK to make major reductions in the infection rate of coronavirus

Please inform as many people about this as you can !

About Rufus Greenbaum

Private individual interested in Preventive Health and spreading information about the positive benefits of Vitamin D.
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