Vitamin D – correspondence with NICE, PHE and SACN

You may be interested to see some of my correspondence with the “Experts” who are meant to advise our politicians

Short link:

December 9, 2009 – My first letter to SACN about Vitamin D

May 8 Kevin Fenton, PHE  – BAME Action Plan

May 22 Kevin Fenton, PHE – I have no confidence that SACN understands the problem

June 1 Therapeutics Taskforce, DHSC – Thank you – keep us informed

June 5  Prof Peter Horby, NERVTAG – Recent publications on Vitamin D and COVID-19

June 16 Duncan Selbie,  PHE  – Black, Asian & Minority – Why the difference ?

June 16 NICE – Copy of letter to Duncan Selbie

June 18 Prof Gillian Leng, Chief Executive of NICE – The Hormone called Vitamin D

June 19 Dr Paul Chrisp, NICE – 12-point discussion re The Hormone called Vitamin D

June 21 Dr Paul Chrisp, NICE – Vitamin D levels in people with darker skin

June 26 Dr Paul Chrisp, NICE – New definition of Vitamin D Deficiency ?

July 29 Taiwo Owatemi, MP – Immune Support for £17

September 20 Prof Peter Horby, NERVTAG – Vitamin D and COVID-19

September 21 Dr Kay Nolan, NICE – People deficient in Vitamin D 2 times more likely to test positive for COVID-19

September 27 Prof Peter Horby, NERVTAG – Vitamin D BIG news ( re new video )

October 24  Prof Peter Horby, NERVTAG  –  Past research on Respiratory Viruses


About Rufus Greenbaum

Private individual interested in Preventive Health and spreading information about the positive benefits of Vitamin D.
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