Improving the health of people in the UK with Vitamin D

3 key questions about COVID-19

Q1.  Ask every doctor:

I have heard about “Suppressed Immune System”

Are there ways to “Enhance the Immune System” that may help to:
– reduce my chance of catching COVID-19 ?
– reduce the spread of COVID-19 ?

Q2. Ask every doctor:

How can we improve the early treatment of COVID-19 – at home or in the community – to help reduce hospital admissions ?

Q3.  Ask every hospital doctor:

How can we improve the hospital treatment of COVID-19 ?


Governments worldwide have focussed on a single medical approach – deliver a vaccine

What if there are other ways ?

A few medical professionals have proposed additional ways, but they have mostly been ignored

  • Governments are fighting vaccine hesitancy
  • Pharmaceutical industry – dirty tricks playbook
  • Pressure by WHO
  • Google & others have major investments in the pharmaceutical industry
  • Extreme pressure by Media to block discussion
  • Fake News – Media have been very restrictive
  • Pressure on doctors ( threat to remove license to practice )
  • Lack of understanding by some doctors


27 products are – more or less – effective to help:
* Reduce the spread of COVID-19
* Improve at-home treatment of early COVID-19
* Improve hospital treatment of severe COVID-19

Find the Forest Plots at:
Published by an anonymous group of hospital doctors

See also:
FLCCC: Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance

Prevention /Reduce Spread

Effective Source Product
94 P Casirivimab
92 OTC Quercetin
86 P Ivermectin
80 P Bromhexine
80 OTC Iota-Carageenan
64 OTC Vitamin A
62 OTC Nigella Sativa
57 P Bamlanivimab
45 OTC Povidone-Iodine
40 OTC Melatonin
33 P Budesonide
24 OTC Aspirin
20 OTC Vitamin D
8 OTC Probiotics
0 OTC Vitamin C


Early Treatment ( at Home )

Effective Source Product
91 P Proxalutamide
89 P Fluvoxamine
86 OTC Curcumin
84 OTC Nigella Sativa
82 P Budesonide
81 OTC Povidone-Iodine
80 OTC Vitamin D
79 OTC Quercetin
79 OTC Vitamin A
79 P Bromhexine
77 P Molnupiravir
76 P Bamlanivimab
75 OTC Zinc
73 OTC Melatonin
69 P Casirivimab
69 P Ivermectin
67 P Sotrovimab
64 P Hydroxychloroquine
49 P Nitazoxanide
48 P Favapiravir
46 OTC Vitamin C
35 OTC Probiotics
-93 P Plasma


Hospital treatment

Effective Source Product
84 P Proxalutamide
71 OTC Melatonin
67 P Nitazoxanide
56 OTC Vitamin D
50 OTC Curcumin
39 P Budesonide
39 P Bromhexine
35 OTC Zinc
33 P Colchicine
29 P Fluvoxamine
27 OTC Probiotics
26 OTC Aspirin
24 OTC Quercetin
24 P Favapiravir
21 P Remdesivir
19 OTC Vitamin C
18 P Bamlanivimab
6 P Casirivimab
0 P Plasma

Sourced on September 15, 2021 from:

P       = Prescription only

OTC = Over The Counter

Be Aware !

Most medical advisors:
– do not understand much of this
– have been influenced by drug companies
– may depend on outside financial interests for their job
– may have been influenced by other financial interests

Suggest that you check all “Conflicts Of Interest”
for every person giving you medical advice

£/$ Billions are at stake !
Stop the “Revolving Door” between Industry and Government

Download a PDF copy of this here:

COVID-19 3 questions- public


Advocates of Vitamin D for Prevention are not happy with the analysis above and have commented:

COVID-19 risk reduction by early treatment: 5X Vitamin D, 3.3 X Ivermectin – Sept 15, 2021

COVID-19 risk reduced 4X by each of: Vitamin D, Omega-3, Curcumin, Zinc

Suspect that they synergistically fight COVID-19
Guess a COVID-19 risk reduction >10X if take all 4 (similar to many vaccines)
Pairs and triples of them are known to synergistically fight many other health problems
Note: Omega-3, Curcumin, and Zinc each increase the Vitamin D getting to cells
Note: Only Vitamin D can be restored quickly (treatment), the others taking weeks or months (prevention)


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