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Back Pain

If you have back pain have you tried boosting your Vitamin D ?

A woman who had had back pain for over 20 years found that the pain went away after 2 weeks of high dose Vitamin D. Similarly, there are many people with Fibromyalgia who find that boosting their Vitamin D helps

Some people find that their back pain is seasonal. Since the Vitamin D in our bodies from the sun is at its lowest in January, February and March the New Year is the time of year in which back pain is often the worst
What is your experience ?

Boosting your Vitamin D has 2 advantages. It increases the strength of your muscles as well as helping your bones to grow stronger. This will help you take a little more exercise, which will also speed up the improvement.

You may wish to take a large Loading Dose for a few days to see if it works and provide faster relief.
How much should you take ?

How can you test if your Vitamin D is low ? There is a simple test which you can do for yourself at home. Press your sternum ( the lowest bone in your ribcage ) and both your shin bones as hard as you can to check if it hurts. Mayo Clinic in USA says that there is a 93% chance that a blood test by your doctor will then show that you are medically deficient
Read more about this at:,+free,+self+test+of+vitamin+D+deficiency

Other things that you might try:
* Magnesium – relieves muscle tension
* Vitamin C – 500 mg each hour
* Vibration & massage – 2 minutes to improve circulation
* Back movement exercises while lying on the floor (Feldenkrais)
Read more here:

Which type of Vitamin D should I take and where can I buy it ?

Where can I buy Magnesium & Vitamin C ?

What works for you ?
Do post your comments and experiences

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