Improving the health of people in the UK with Vitamin D

Where to Buy Vitamin D

There are many manufacturers of Vitamin D, so how do you choose ?

There are different types, such as capsules, tablets, liquid and drops

One of the styles we recommend is to use small soft smooth capsules rather than tablets, because they are easier to swallow

You can buy these forms of Vitamin D from:

The Vitamin D is packed in a tiny soft smooth capsule which is easier to swallow than a large hard tablet
The carrier is a cellulose powder which is easily digestible and water soluble, so you can dissolve it in water ( in about 30 minutes )
The capsule packaging is vegetable, so it should be suitable for vegetarians.
As with all Vitamin D3 the active part comes from Lanolin, which is a natural oil collected from wool after it is cut off the sheep




Vitamin D UK is about improving the health of people in the UK with Vitamin D




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