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Food and Supplements help limit infection from a virus

The book FluFighters and this online document describe how food and dietary supplements can help to limit the infectivity of a virus

Current containment of virus infection is based on mechanical devices (goggles and masks) that shield the entrance doors of the virus (eyes, nose, mouth), and on tight social restrictions to limit the possibility of contact among people.

There is another possible approach to limit the infectivity of a virus that could increase the efficacy of the immune defences of the human body, so that in case of infection the symptoms might not develop to full scale.

For example, if my target Vitamin D blood level is set to 100-150 nmol/L there is good evidence that my resistance to infection is increased.  I currently take 1,250 micrograms of Vitamin D3 once a week ( = 50,000 IU) and my 25(OH)D blood level is 143 nmol/L

There is good evidence that 50 grams of zinc and 300 grams of magnesium daily help to increase resistance to infection.  I take these as supplements each day.

There is good evidence that 3 grams of Vitamin C spread throughout the day helps to increase resistance to viral infection.

There is good evidence that adjusting Fatty Acid levels helps improve resistance to infection.  Target levels are:  Omega-3 Index >8% and Omega 6/3 Ratio <2.5:1

There is good evidence that a saltwater spray helps to form a moisturising protective and invisible film on the nasal cavity to provide a barrier against external viral infection.  I currently use Sterimar Stop & Protect spray each day.

There is good evidence that Echinacia and Iodine increase resistance to viral infection

I currently dissolve 3 grams of Vitamin C in water in a 500mL drink bottle, together with 20 drops of Echinacia ( A Vogel ) and 5 drops of Lugol’s Iodine

This drink helps to deliver the Vitamin C slowly throughout each day and coat my upper respiratory passages with Echinacia and Iodine to provide additional protection against viral infection.

I am not complacent, but I expect that when I am exposed to a virus I shall only have the mildest of symptoms and that I will be able to function fully and safely for the following 24-72 hours, by which time the infection will have cleared

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