Improving the health of people in the UK with Vitamin D

Improve your Immune Support with Supplements ?

There are some supplements that may help to prevent infection and provide remedies which may be helpful to take in onset of symptoms.
These can help to both protect you and assist a swift recovery.

Vitamin C is very helpful in assisting immune resilience, and dealing with heavy viral loads.

Look for both Liposomal Vitamin C which is a highly absorbable and also Vitamin C in capsule or tablet form.

Vitamin C has a short half-life in your body so you need to take it throughout the day

– If at work: 1-3g a day – spread through the day – morning, mid-day and evening
– Not at work: 0.5-1g a day

– Mild: 3-6g a day– spread through the day – morning, mid-day and evening
– Acute: 1g every hour

Vitamin D plays a critical role in promoting immune response. It has both anti-inflammatory and immune-regulatory properties and is crucial for the activation of immune system defences.

This explains why you might want to boost your blood level of Vitamin D to 100-150 nmol/L as fast as possible:  D*Action

You could take a Loading Dose of 350-1,250 μg each day for 7 days
– and then 75-250 μg a day for the next few months

Vitamin D strengthens your cells to make it harder for a virus to infect you through your eyes, lungs and mucus membranes. It helps reduce the pro-inflammatory cytokines and also improves your adaptive immunity and ability to produce antibodies against a virus.

Vitamin D has a half-life of 14-30 days so you can take an equivalent dose weekly

Zinc helps to regulate the immune system and its innate antimicrobial activity.

Preventative: 15mg a day
Symptoms: 30-60mg a day

Boots has some high strength and low cost Vitamin C, Vitamin D and Zinc

• Each tablet of the Vitamin C:
500 mg sustained release + 15 mg zinc
90 tablets = 30 days @ 3 per day ( Morning, mid-day & evening )
2 bottles = 60 days

• Each tablet of the Vitamin D:
75 micrograms ( 3,000 IU )
30 tablets = 6 days loading dose of 5 tablets
60 tablets = next 60 days

• Total cost for 2 months: £10
Boots offers 3 for 2 for any mix of vitamins, so you can buy 2 bottles of the Vitamin C+Zinc and 1 packet of the 75 microgram Vitamin D for £10

If you are looking for higher strength or larger packs then check out the products at

Book:  FluFighters
Patrick Holford, a well-known nutritionist has recently published a new book: FluFighters Written in March 2020, it explains what to eat, drink and supplement when you are under attack to shorten duration and severity of colds and viral infections.

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