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Just Been Diagnosed With Cancer ?

Just been diagnosed with Cancer ?

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Who do you ask for advice ?

The moment you learn that you have cancer – will change your life

You then need to make a decision about where to go for treatment
● You can walk through the door of a surgeon or oncologist
● You can walk through the door of an alternative or complementary health professional

The door that you choose – will have a major effect in what happens to you and your family over the next few months or years, so how do you make that decision ?

The decision may be simple if you believe that doctors are “gods” who know everything about health.

If you – reluctantly – accept that diet and lifestyle may have played a part, then how do you change what you have been doing all your life ?
Who do you ask for advice, if most doctors know so little about diet and lifestyle ?

If you choose a UK GMC-registered doctor they are only allowed to provide accepted “standard-of-care”
This provides essentially Cut, Burn & Poison, and they are – not allowed – to suggest Vitamins or other non-prescription products or treatments

An alternative or complementary health professional will try and help you and your body repair itself

Get support – fast

You are not alone, so find some support from others like you
Search for the many people who can give you support at: ( type: people )
Find their many online seminars and chat shows at:
Penny Brohn provides group and one-to-one counselling sessions at:
Xandria Williams provides one-to-one support for diet and lifestyle at:

Learn More – fast

Read at least 1 of these books and search these websites

Cancer as a Metabolic Disease                     Professor Thomas Seyfried
Metabolic Approach To Cancer                    Dr Nasha Winters and Jane Kelley
Say No To Cancer                                           Patrick Holford
The Rainbow Diet                                           Chris Woollams
Eat To Beat Cancer                                         Dr Rosy Daniel and Jane Sen
The Cancer Fighting Diet                              Dr Johannes Coy and Maren Franz
Natural Strategies for Cancer Patients      Dr Russell L Blaylock
Cancer Concerns                                            Xandria Williams
Knockout                                                         Suzanne Somers
The Topic of Cancer                                      Jessica Richards                           Vitamin D for cancer – find “Call-To-Action”                               Search for cancer                                Subscribe to newsletter & search website                             Start with:  I’m New Here

2 Key Questions to ask every doctor:

  1. Can you explain what has caused my cancer ?
  2. What advice can you give me about helping my body to repair itself ?”

To help you and your doctor to answer these difficult questions, read the book:
Cancer as a Metabolic Disease, by Professor Thomas Seyfried
Or watch his talks on YouTube:
2015 Overview:   Professor Thomas Seyfried:  Cancer: A Metabolic Disease With Metabolic Solutions
2023 Update:    Metabolic Therapy for Cancer Patients

Since the COVID-19 Virus and Vaccines, there may be totally new causes of cancer
Search the website of the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance ( FLCCC )

Vitamins, Minerals & Supplements

Do take professional advice about whether you should take any supplements


Vitamin C

When you are well you only need 100mg a day, but when you are stressed you may need 1gram each hour
Dr F R Klenner said:  Vitamin C should be given to the patient while the doctors ponder the diagnosis
Some doctors propose massive doses of Vitamin C, in powder, capsule, liquid or even IV infusions
Typical treatment for cancer may involve 15 IV infusions of 25-75grams of Vitamin C over 30 days
General advice from Dr Andrew Saul:
Learn more about Vitamin C at:
Riordan IV Protocol for Adjunctive Cancer Care:

Vitamin D

Your native Immune System needs at least 125nmol/L of Vitamin D to function properly.
Maybe boost your Vitamin D blood levels to be between 125-200nmol/L for the next 3-12 months


Omega-3 Fatty Acids Are Effective at Inhibiting Growth of Cancer
Consider taking a double dose of Omega-3 natural fish oils for the next 3-6 months
Learn more about Omega-3 here:
and here:
and an outstanding source of information here:


You need 8-10 hours a night of deep sleep to give your body time to repair itself

Go to bed at 10:00pm and plan to sleep until at least 6:00am
If necessary take a natural sleeping aid such as Natrasleep or Nytol, or take Melatonin.

Melatonin is only available in UK under prescription as Circadin, so ask your doctor if it is appropriate for you.
Try and avoid other prescription sleeping drugs such as Benzodiazepine or antidepressants or SSRIs.
Melatonin is available over the counter in USA.  Maybe start with 5 milligrams about 1 hour before you go to bed and reduce the dose by half each 1 week until you find the dose that is just enough.
This might be as little as 0.1 milligram !

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