Improving the health of people in the UK with Vitamin D

Online listing of trials for Vitamin D and COVID-19

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Superb COVID-19 analysis with multiple Forest plots etc:

  • Ivermectin                            78-89% improvement
  • Vitamin D                             43-61% improvement
  • Hydroxychloroquine          25-66% improvement
  • Vitamin C                             17-39% improvement
  • Zinc                                        78% improvement in prevention
  • Proxalutamide                      91% improvement
  • Bromhexine                           80% improvement as a prophylactic
  • FLV                                         Fluvoxamine provides 89% improvement
  • PVP-I                                      Povidone-Iodine as a prophylactic ( Mouthwash )
  • Casirivimab/imdevimab    Monoclonal antibodies
  • REGN                                     Reduced viral load
  • LY-CoV                                   Improvements in viral load, symptoms and hospitalization
  • Bamlanivimab                       55-100% improvement
  • Remdesivir                             22% improvement


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